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Juniors Win Class Wall Contest

Juniors Win Class Wall Contest

Wesley Aggrey

The class of 2018 clinched victory in the Class Wall contest for the 2nd year in a row! Each year every class receives a section of the field house wall to decorate...  Read More »

Nov 28

Change in School Lunches?

Change in School Lunches?

With power shifting in the White House within a month, new changes in the school lunch program could come into effect. First Lady Michelle Obama initiated a program...  Read More »

Nov 17

FHS Student Saves Young Womans Life

Hazel Moua

Thursday night on October 31, a 16 year old sophomore, Anthony Lafrancois, was returning home from a boy scout meeting, when he witnessed an event he will never forget. That night, around 8:40 pm, as Anthony along with his friend, Chris Bjornson, and mother Pam Waite who was driving them home, saw a woman get struck by a car. Anthony stated, “I was out ...  Read More »

Nov 15

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